Job-Transitioning Gracefully(HR)

I am feeling compelled to share a recent experience with everyone. Although this post is especially geared towards Job-Seekers, it is information everyone can benefit from. I have been on-assignment through an staffing company  as an Admin/Client Specialist for a private consulting firm. It was a very nice opportunity, and the people were great.  Several weeks ago, I sent my resume in for consideration  for an HR opportunity I really wanted.  After all HR, Recruiting,and Training are my passions. I followed up, and waited patiently.  A few more weeks, went by, and then a call for an interview, and background check.  WOW.. I thought.  Then another 2 weeks came and went.  Last week, I got the call I had been hoping for. Job Offer! I accepted, and I start Monday.

The reason behind this post, is to illustrate how to transition from one position to another gracefully.  I first called the agency, and explained about my new job opportunity, I thanked the recruiter, and the company for being so kind to me, and giving me such a nice assignment. I also spoke to the owners at my assignment. I thanked them very much for the opportunity. What “surprised” me the most, I think is that they were excited and happy for me! She said you are following your career aspirations, how can I be upset about that? I was wished the best, and they asked that I keep in touch.   She also said she would be willing to write a professional recommendation.  The takeaways from this experience are: Always leave on a good note, Never, ever, burn your bridges, Be polite, and professional, and be graceful. It’s a small world, after all………………..


13 responses to “Job-Transitioning Gracefully(HR)

  1. Wonderful news Shennee! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations on the new position Shennee. I have been hoping this would happen and also patiently waiting for hearing more from you on your blog. What a great Monday to get a post and hear good news!!

  3. Shennee, congratulations and so happy to hear the news. Here’s to a great new career and hoping you continue to share about it on your blog!!

  4. @ Robin-Thanks so much. Headed out the door soon, so excited!
    @John- Thanks for continuing to read my blog, I really want to get more written, Looking forward…
    @Trish- Thanks for being there:) It means the world to me to know that I have such an amazing community and friends. Let’s catch up soon!

  5. hip hip hooray. Props, congrat, and I love you Shennee. You are so deserving of a really good job!

  6. @Margo- Thanks. It is a great opportunity, and I am so happy to be onboard back doing what I am passionate about: Recruiting, Training.

  7. Congratulations Shennee! That is fantastic news and I wish you all the best!

  8. Congratulations Shawnee! Best of luck to you.

  9. Congratulations Shennee! I know how much effort you have put into your job search and personal branding so that this opportunity would arise, and am thrilled to hear your good news!

  10. Belated Congratulations Shennee! I am behind on my google reader! Hope all is going well.

  11. @Chris Thanks so much Going well!

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