What is Really Important..

I was en route to South Carolina last week. While waiting for my flight, I browsed in the bookstore at the airport. I was looking for a book that was positive, and insightful. I was drawn to Michael J. Fox’s newest book “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Future” Well, the book is fantastic! I read all 100 pages, before I arrived. I then gave it to the gentleman sitting next to me on the plane, and said, you must read this, and he read it before we landed as well! The moral of the story, is that Life is a ride, and an adventure, but focus on the important things, and clarity will come.

So, My visit was to see my Grandmother, Joan. From the day I was born, My parents told me, I called her “Bebop” and the name stuck..  My grandmother is 78 years old, and has health challenges. It really puts things in perspective when the caretaking roles are reversed. Family is so important to me, I would do anything to help her. I am worried about her though. Mobility is an issue, simple things are hard, but she is fiercely independent. She still drives her beloved Cadillac, and her mind is sharp as a tack.

I just wanted to share my story of family, priorities, and finding balance in life. Your Family, Your Work, Your Career, Your Passions These are the simple ingredients in Life.

I would love to hear your personal insights on what you think is Most Important! Looking Forward………………………….


3 responses to “What is Really Important..

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  2. We need these reminders abut priorities from time to time–thanks.

    Funny, I just read Michael J. Fox’s other book a couple of weeks ago. I’ll have to check this one out too.

  3. Thanks Krista. When I see you in 2 weeks, I will give you the book to read, if you think of it, could you bring his other book along. Would love to read it.

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