Employment Branding (HR)

This is the Final post in my Blog Series “Top 10 Issues”.  I am very proud of the information we have learned and the great contributors I have worked with. For the Finale post, I am so thrilled to have met and worked with Amanda Hite.

Amanda is CEO of Talent Revolution, The Relevant Talent and Brand Consulting Agency.  She is  forward thinking, innovative, and is bringing “sexy back” to corporate thinking and people performance. She is a highly  sought after speaker, and trainer.  You can connect with Amanda via: www.talentrevolution.net

Twitter  http://twitter.com/sexythinker

Facebook  http://tinyurl.com/cetfk3

Linkedin  http://tinyurl.com/2rlfj3

When I spoke with Amanda last week, I asked her to share her thoughts and opinions on the subject of Employment Branding. Here are her insights:

What attracts people to an Employment Brand?

AUTHENTICITY: Humanize your brand.  Be transparent. Show real testimonials from people who work there.  Be honest about what’s great, and what’s not.  Most importantly, be yourself.  Also, your Employment Brand will be more attractive if you’re a place where they can come and be themselves!

LIFESTYLE: Focus on Lifestyle vs. its culture.  People want to know what their lives are going to be like at work.  TELL THEM! In some instances, lifestyle and culture may be the same thing, but people will be more attracted to “This is how great your lifestyle will be while working….” rather than “We have such a cool culture”  An attractive employment brand offers lifestyle perks, autonomy, and a chance to grow personally and professionally.

PURPOSE:  We all want to do work that makes a difference.  Something that makes or creates meaning.  How is your company doing this? More importantly, how can your employees do this? Everyone wants to be a part of something that makes and creates meaning.

Now, I want to know your thoughts on Employment Branding.  Let’s get the comments started!


14 responses to “Employment Branding (HR)

  1. Amanda has such a way of saying it straight and to the point. Be real. Be genuine. Companies that follow this philosophy will be the successes coming out of the recession and into this great recovery. Work/Life fit is changing, our lifestyles are changing, and companies need to embrace these ideas to retain their talent.

  2. @Tammy- Yes Amanda is such a real, genuine person. Not only does she talk, the talk. But she WALKS, the WALK! Thanks for your friendship, and support reading this.

  3. I think another aspect that is attractive is if the employees are “living the brand”. This only happens if you brand from the inside out and I think Amanda nails that one with “Authenticity”.

  4. Chloe-
    Thanks for reading this really timely post. Amanda really Hits the nail on the head. She is so right. Authenticity. WORD>

  5. Amanda is such a sexy thinker. It’s so basic. Be who you are and don’t be afraid to wave your freak flag (if you have one). People follow people they like, trust, and know. The more authentic we are the more we will be embraced by others.

    Yesterday, I wore a funky hat with an evening dress and running shoes. My friend laughed when he saw what I was wearing and said “there’s only one you.” That comment is true whether you wear crazy hats, or 3 piece suits.

    Tonight, I had Leanne Chase, the foremost leader on work/life balance on Compassionate HR tonight. Our time is our life. We are the sandwich generation. We have aging parents, and growing children. A workplace that is sensitive to lifestyle is genius.

    Purpose: most of us want to believe we lead purpose driven lives. When work blends with our purpose, it becomes joy. The great philosopher Gribran once said, “Work is love made manifest.” Ultimately, this is the goal.

    Great post Shennee.

  6. @Margo- Thanks so much for taking the time to read. Amanda is Awesome!

  7. I have been in the employment branding biz for several years now and I have seen A LOT of changes. There is no doubt that companies have to shift their thinking in terms of candidate engagement – but for some it will take time. This reminds me of the days when I was dragging clients kicking and screaming from newspaper to job postings – oh they finally did it…got comfy, and now we’re asking them to become transparent. I’ll hold their hand every step of the way, but as Bette Davis said “fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night”!

  8. Speaking to the point of PURPOSE -how can your employees do this and how is your company doing this… We have invited everyone in the company to share their stories on the company blog? We also plan to invite users of the brand to do the same.

    Just one companies idea.

  9. Great information & so true Shennee! I am anti-sugar coating anything so there is a need to be real and put it out there. I also think it’s just as important to communicate beyond the culture & lifestyle. Breaking down how organizations make money… styles of marketing that work best… who are the organization’s competitors, etc.

    Great post!

  10. @Kim- Amanda is such a forward thinking, and innovative soul! Love her message, and it is so Simple. Now if everyone would follow the leader… Thanks for reading!

  11. I like the distinction between lifestyle and culture. In our nonprofit, we’ve probably focused much more on culture, thinking (perhaps wrongly), that we don’t have as much ‘lifestyle’ to offer as a more corporate setting. Thanks to Amanda for making me think.

  12. Lifestyle is important. It part of life, culture, companies, and business. People who have fun at work work harder, longer, and are more engaged. It’s like any romantic relationship. These relationships involve conversation, give and take, compromise, conversation, fun, and caring.


  13. @Krista- I too like the “Lifestyle” focus. Amanda really makes you think..

    @Jessica- Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate you stopping by to read and support my blog.

  14. Love this blog. And I love the insightful comments. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

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