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Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Trish Mcfarlane. Trish is a HR Business Partner for St.Louis Children’s Hospital, blogger, co-creator of HRevolution, and “SUPER MOM”  of twins. Trish can be contacted via Twitter @TrishMcfarlane  and www.hrringleader.com

  She views HR as an “evolving” profession, and is a sought after speaker, and contributor.  Trish and I discussed How Leadership and Management is an important Top Ten Issue.  Some observations Trish has made on the subject included:

  • Personal Accountability: Seeing a trend moving away from the HR role and taking responsibility.  There is a push back for leaders to take on personal accountability and to determine how to improve their own communication style in order to better respond to individual needs on the team.
  • Individuality: Sees an increased awareness of leaders to determine what each individual needs to develop and grow then figure out how to help them grow, and meet their goals.  HR professionals can assist in the process, but need to be Creative!  Identify what opportunities exist in the company, how can the employee get there, and if the right opportunity does not exist within, assist the employee to find the right ones outside of the company.
  • More Action: Remembering that Elvis song “A little less conversation, a little more action….” Apply it to leadership.  In 2010, HR needs to stop talking, and help the leader move to action. Get over all the talking, and just do it.. HR can encourage leaders to be decisive and then tweak their style as the situation needs it.

A great leader to me is an individual that gives you the tools, and let’s you do the work and shine.  Thinking “outside the box” is so very important.  Having been a Leader and a Manager, accountability, training, and clear objectives are essential.  I have a passion for making a difference. 

I want to hear about your experiences in leadership and management. Let’s get the comments rolling…………….


9 responses to “Leadership&Management (HR)

  1. Interesting post. Seems though that the whole “theme” is that HR is taking a supportive role. Little wonder then that the opening sentence speaks to an “evolving profession” and the trend away from HR.

    Disagree, with your thoughts, there is a clear Leadership role. Problem is that the reason your comments are so poignant is that many do not take a leadership role. Indeed many do not understand the difference between the two. Thats why after 30 years and probably more we still have the discussion about whether HR should be at the “decision making table” For me we need to be in the discussions before you ever reach the “table” Now that is not inly creative but leadership

    Great blog thanks Trish and Shennee


  2. It sounds like you had a great conversation with Trish! I feel that when stepping into an HR leadership role, the job description that comes with it contains plenty of content to develop, manage and lead. How one does that and impacts the organization is due to their own leadership qualities and the influence they earn within the organization. I do not see a difference in importance within the organization between say the directors or HR or Finance. Both are managing the top 2 resources and capital. Great conversation starter Shennee =)

  3. Peter- Thanks so much for your insight. I can really see the passion you have for the profession:-)

    Karla-Thanks for chiming in on a great conversation! I like your point about seeing no difference in importance with the org w/HR directors and Finance. Your support is appreciated:)

  4. I agree with you and Trish that this profession is evolving. As technology replaces much of the transactional duties, we have the ability to refocus our energies on the coaching and leadership aspects of talent management. HR Leadership is about guidance, recommendations and partnering with supervisors and management to make the best decisions for the company and its employees. Really enjoying this series, Shennee. Great job.

  5. Tammy- thanks for your comments. HR is evolving anf getting back to the “basics” of coaching, training, and development are key.
    Appreciate the continued support.

  6. Excellent post Shennee. I like the three points you made and I agree on all points.

  7. Great read, Trish and Shenee. HR needs to be a solid resource for an organization’s leaders, current and future. Personally, I have seen managers within an organization being stretched so thin with their own day to day stress; they fail to see a rising star right under their nose. That’s when HR is able to influence succession planning, collaborate with the leaders and work to develop the future talent that aligns with the organization’s vision.

  8. Shennee- Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this important topic. I appreciate the feedback.

    One thing I would mention in light of the feedback from Peter is that the post doesn’t convey my intent of addressing how HR leaders should not be DOING the job of the managers. HR leaders should be advising them on ways to successfully manage the people side of the business. I certainly am not stating that HR is “evolving” away from taking a leadership role or evolving away from HR.

    Specifically, I said I am seeing a trend in moving away from the HR role of taking on responsibility for picking up the pieces when a leader fails to lead and manage.

    I believe HR leaders should not be taking the responsibility for having the discussions that managers do not want to have.

    For me, HR pros should be focusing on how to move the business strategy forward by supporting the revenue goals, guiding leaders and mangers by coaching them to handle their people issues, and creating a culture where strong performers are recognized and rewarded.

    Thanks to all for the comments.

  9. Thanks for your thoughts Trish . I agree with your thoughts that HR is clearly a sounding board-conscience of the business. Additionally the ownership and accountability of what managers do, as you say lies with the line manager,with the professional support of the HR team.
    Finally I also like the final sentence which goes to the root of why HR exists the true transformational nature and the real added value

    Thanks for the opportunity to dialogue.

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