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Last week I had the opportunity to talk with Jessica Miller-Merrell-SPHR.  Jessica is an author, new mother, and human resources professional. She has over 10 years experience, and is passionate about all things social media.. Jessica can be reached at or @blogging4jobs via Twitter. Jessica and I talked about Social Media and its role in HR. 

With over 400 million combined users worldwide on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, social media is NOT a fad, and is not going away.  By 2014, Gartner Research predicts that 20% business professionals will prefer direct messaging over email usage.  Many corporations are not embracing social media because they do not have a working knowledge or understand the benefits of it.  How social media policy will be developed will be a collaborative effort with HR, PR, Marketing, IT and Legal. Depending on the size of the corporation, policies will have to be custom tailored.  While managers and IT will have an increased role in monitoring employee productivity, and enforcing the policies of acceptable usage, HR will be involved in developing and implementing policies into the corporate culture and must have an understanding for these reasons in addition to conducting proper internal employee and company investigations regarding topics like sexting, sexual harassment, and unprofessional conduct. 

Social Media in HR is an evolving topic, and inspires great thought and challenges.  I want to hear how Social Media in the workplace is being used/managed with companies on a daily basis. Let’s get the comments rolling……


13 responses to “Social Media-(HR)

  1. Loved chatting with you, Shennee. Social media isn’t going away. Companies need to prepare for battle while also integrating it into their business strategy. Those that do sooner will be ahead of the pack and able to quickly adapt to their workforce and the market.



  2. Thank you for this post – and love that you had the conversation. This topic touches a nerve with me and would love to hear more ideas about integrating social media into HR – and getting those who do not yet embrace social media better educated.

    It seems mose companies find social media use acceptable in the recruiting field of HR – maybe because we can capture the ROI. They network on social sites to find candidates – and it works!

    Love the conversation – let’s keep it going!

  3. Jessica-Thanks so very much for being a contributor on my blog series! I really enjoyed the conversation and discussing this topic. Looking forward to writing something for your website!

  4. Chris-Thank so much for taking time to read the post and follow this topic. We shall keep the conversation going, and appreciate the support of my blog series. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more great topics from the Top Ten List. Shennee

  5. I agree with some reservations.
    Social media needs to include relationship building in the “real world” pick up the phone and talk!
    I think we are becoming to reliant and lazy with the email and the typing
    God gave us a tongue and a mouth we should use them to communicate.

    So why am I writing this… well it sucks as all in. My daily motto …talk to three people on LInkedin or facebook or twitter.
    Go on do what is natural and what has become unnatural. The art of communication lives in speech

  6. This was the topic for February at the HR Forum I manage and I thank you for the reminder I need to blog the conversation..

    I see several distinct topics for discussion;
    Use of social media in the workplace by employees in general
    Use by HR as an internal communication tool
    Use by Recruiting for attracting candidates HR/Marketing for employer branding
    Use by Marketing as a product/service marketing tool

    2014 is 4 years away – look at the technology developed in the past 4 years, understanding that we are in a pattern of rapid development and growth. I personally feel that 20% number was picked out of a hat.. we don’t know what will be using in 4 years.

  7. Very good post Shennee! Social Media is not a fad, a very true statement; along with you can join us now or join us later, but you will join us! Thanks for sending me the link to the post; keep up the great work bringing us interesting topics!

  8. @John Lusher- Thanks for the support of such an important issue. Appreciate the comment and stopping by.
    @Karla Porter- Karla- as always, thanks for continued support of my blog post and your comments are always wonderful!
    I hold u close as a great Friend!

  9. I’m not corporate and have no first hand knowledge of how policies are made and implemented. I understand how people work though and I believe when you ask “HR, PR, Marketing, IT and Legal” to collaborate in order to make policy, you’d better have a lot of time and patience. I see cross purposes and goals creating a lot of bottlenecks.

    Add to that the constant rapid fire changes happening in communication technology creating the need for a flexible policy and creative management and enforcement.

    Social Media is definitely here to stay…any company that delays embracing and capitalizing on it is just delaying the inevitable…..and missing the opportunity to take full advantage of the benefits.

  10. I agree , Social Media is not a fad, it is a viable form of communication whose surface has barely been tapped.

    Companies need to harness and understand the power of this medium…

  11. Fran-Thanks so much for stopping by and reading and commenting.
    Bob- Always nice to know you are reading and commentiing. Appreciate that.

  12. Social Media and HR is not a fad, it’s not a trend, it’s a reality. Organizations need to embrace it, own it and engage their employees in intra and extra-nets for microblogging. This goes beyond the realm of twitter, facebook, and linkedin. Companies need to set up wikis like to encourage interaction inter departmentally in order to open the channel of communication. The death null to any organization is the iceberg of ignorance. Social Media opens the channels of communication and lets the sun shine it, so good for you for blogging about this topic.

  13. Thanks Margo for your support of my blog series! I am so excited about the response it has received. Keep following along we have some great people lined up and topics to discuss.
    appreciate your friendship.

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