Job Search 101

This week, I was an invited guest of Paul Paris and Karla Porter for The Ex-Recruiter Prime-time Extreme Candidate Makeover Show. Because I have been unemployed for a year, I felt the need to gain traction, and positive focus.  Job-seekers are asked to send both their resumé and LinkedIn profiles for professional critique and review.    An expert panel assembled of Resume writers, Career Coaches begin to analyze, and make recommendations. Lessons to be learned included:  Karen Siwak believes we should all tell a story,and make sure you pass the So What? test and add value.  Janice Worthington wants us to learn our ABCs A:What do you want? B:What do you know how to do? C: Prove you have done it!  Jeremy Worthington reminds us to make the top 25%of your resumé count, and to use keywords from job descriptions.  August Cohen says to “bring sexy back” to the resumé, and to  brand yourself. Karla Porter says to “Dazzle them from the start” and to network with successful people who can give you leads.  In this economic climate, we can all use some positive nudging.   So many great minds, and fantastic advice all in one evening. It was a very humbling experience to be a guest.  Some great feedback from listeners came in and the takeaways are priceless. My hope is that other job-seekers benefited from the great forum and the advice given. Paul’s show is a fantastic launching pad to highlight great people and to aid in returning to the workforce. Please continue to tune in, and support the highlighted job-seekers. I wish the show great  success.

I am already working with some of the great professionals listed here! Can not wait to see what develops.. Filled with Optimism!  2010 will be a great year.

Ready to go!


15 responses to “Job Search 101

  1. Sounds exciting, fun, humbling, and a bit confusing!

    Did you find a way to make it work for you?

    Today, do you have a better sense of where you are and what you need to do? Or are you just confused and overwhelmed?

    I really hope it was helpful on some level. Let me knw.

  2. This was an amazing opportunity to have the panelists give such great advice!
    I am taking it all in, and gaining traction and focus~
    Thanks for the friendship and support.

  3. Great summary Shenee! I particularly relate to Karen’s advice on storytelling. As a hiring manager, any resume that has a story arc to it stands out. And a smart applicant will craft it so that the position being applied for is the next chapter, and none of the previous chapters are left-turns or irrelevant.

  4. I admire your tenacity Shenee. You haven’t given up and you’re getting some great advice. Keep it up girlfriend!

  5. Thanks so much Alicia! I really appreciate your readiership to my blog. I am always looking for ways to improve the site, and learn as much from others that inspire me.
    Hope yo meet you someday soon.

  6. Shennee,

    I thought it was a great show and you did fantastic. I’m excited for what 2010 has in store for everyone!

    It’s gonna be a great year!



  7. Thank you Jessica! I really appreciate everything!

  8. What a great opportunity to have the benefit of some of the best coaches and resume writers Shennee! The next best thing is to broadcast their advice to others in need of this expertise.

    Paul’s show doesn’t just help the highlighted job seekers. Everyone listening in can benefit for their own job search or someone they know.

    Good luck with your search Shennee!!!

  9. It sounds like a great way to get a professional to coach job seekers through the maze of finding a job in a tough market. Kudos to you for letting your guard down, not just to have your situation analyzed, but sharing it with everyone on the radio show. Great job.

  10. WOW-Trish and Fran, such nice comments. Yes, I think sometimes, you really need to put yourself out there, to get some great advice, and guidance. Really appreciate the support and continued encouragement. Thank you so much! It really means the world to me!

  11. Shennee, Kudos on the way you came around and put your hesitations aside to tap the expertise of the panel and overcome your fear of being vulnerable in public. This step in your professional growth is sure to reflect in your career. ~Karla

  12. Karla-
    Thanks so much for all of your support. I did feel vulnerable, but sometimes you need to put yourself out there, to overcome fear.
    I appreciate your friendship. Thank you:)

  13. As Fran Holm Hogan stated above-
    “What a great opportunity to have the benefit of some of the best coaches and resume writers”!
    I am forever grateful to have had this opportunity myself and I highly recommend Paul’s show to my networking groups and others.
    We did it Shennee! Hurdle 1 done! Hurdle 2 in progress.
    Thanks for being there with me on this fantastic journey:)

  14. Shennee, i think you did a great job on the show, and you are working diligently to integrate the information you received into your job search process.

    There are great things just around the corner for you!

    Kudos to @paris22 and @karla_porter and their panelists for assisting job seekers in this way.

  15. Great blog! And i don’t wonder if some bonus advice might not be inferred from the ERE item on Jenny DeVaughn this week….network….both online and in person. Let people put a face with a name. Seek out the free events (SMB, Recruiting Ed events put on by local non-profits and of course, tweet-ups!)

    See you at #connectHR!

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