My Extreme Candidate Makeover

Something truly AMAZING happened to me this week!  I was invited to be a guest of Paul Paris @Paris22  and the unstoppable Karla Porter, @karla_porter on Monday January 11, 2009.  Myself and Arleen Sarppraicone were the “inaugural guests” of Paul’s new show. The concept is to highlight long-time job seekers, Critique their work, qualifications, and to help them gain traction again to find work.  The Panel assembled for the evening was top-notch!  August Cohen @ResumeWriter , Karen Siwak @ResumeStrategy, Jeremy Worthington @jobsearchcoach, and Janice Worthington @execjobcoach. The conversation was informative, thought provoking and I gained so much personally and professionally. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity, and am looking forward to many productive discussions offline and in person. Please continue to listen Here is to a magnificent 2010~ I consider myself incredibly blessed. Are you coming along for the continued journey?

I sure hope so!


3 responses to “My Extreme Candidate Makeover

  1. How very exciting! Will you post about some of your learnings and insights? That would be interesting and of value to others. You are great and I am along on the journey!

  2. Thanks Lisa-Appreciate all of your support. I am processing ideas right now. Another blog post soon!

  3. I love the enthusiasm I sense after the show. It is surely kicked up a few notches from before. Like Lisa I would like to read about the impact the experience had on you and what you learned. Update please….

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